7 days.

said goodbye to Narinda (our kiwihost) this morning, 1 final to go, a lot of packing that I’ve been avoiding in denial of leaving, studying, a double cone at Rob Roys to consume, farewell dinners, Quarantine Island work weekend, goodbyes and souvenir shopping all within this time.

Cafe Cafe Cafe

Upon reminiscing about my time at in Dunedin one thing I’m certainly going to miss are all of the cafes. These pictures are compiled from both of my semester at Otago. My first semester here Katharine, Anna, and I would go to a different cafe each week. This semester I haven’t gone as often, but manage to go at least fortnightly. There is certainly no shortage of cafes in Dunedin all with their own quirk and specialty. Please note I’ve managed to stay clear of Starbuck. I’ve been to about 15 different cafes in town, the number of cafes here is pretty impressive for a small “city” like Dunedin.

JACK FROST has come to Dunedin. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrburrrrrrrrburrrrrrrrr.

9:45 am.

and yes someone was clearly walking barefoot this morning…. only in Dunedin.


It is not Father’s Day in NZ so I almost forgot that it was Father’s Day! But luckily I remembered so here is a picture from June 2011 before I headed off. SEE you guys soon!


There is a lot of sushi in NZ as well as the wonderful RICE BALL. It is just a ball of rice best with chicken and avocado inside and is only $3.50. Savoury Japan on George St. is also the place in Dunedin to go because they make the biggest and best ones!

Enjoying a rice ball with Cecilia from Sweden.


Pictures from the “summer holiday” (November 2011) when I travelled up north to Paihia and Cape Reigna (the most Northern point in NZ). I touched the Tasman sea, went boogie-boarding down massive sand-dunes, drove down the 90-mile beach and lived for 9 days with a kiwi family helping out around the house and watching their 16 month old son Hugh. It was a great experience, the first time traveling NZ alone, and a great way to start off the summer with beautiful weather and lovely beach in the BAY OF ISLANDS.

… I’m quite keen to be returning to summer on Cape Cod. We see our breath every time we speak in the flat… not a good sign.

MY TOP 10 KIWI FOODS. (found in New World Gardens)

Realized today, at my last class, that the jolly man I laugh with each week at Laughter Yoga is the famous “Evandale’s Cheese Man” (or that is at least what I refer to him as) from the farmers market! How have I not put two and two together until today… its only been 11 months… You cannot pass the Evansdale cheese stall and NOT buy cheese if he is giving out samples!


1 final down, 3 to go, + packing, goodbyes, and a load of other things to do within that time.