I’m about to leave Dunedin. I’m about to go to Uniflats and repack my bags full of souvenirs. My flight leaves in 3.5 hrs. I’m hoping to wander the gardens one last time before getting the shuttle bus. I’ve been staying with a friend’s family my last night here and it has been great. Lovely homemade meals and a bed with an electric blanket, in a beautiful 100+ year old Dunedin home. This morning I had one last swim in the Moana Pool, one last stroll down George St (main st) and one last visit to New World (the grocery store). 

I’m sad to be leaving.

I’m excited to be going home.

I feel a bit in between two worlds right now.

I can’t believe I’m about to sit on a plane for a very very very long time.

I’m looking forward to summer.

It is sunny in Dunedin and there is a winter crisp in the air.

I’m about to leave my NZ “bubble”/ “world” and go to my home.

I’m keen for many adventure back in the States.

Farewell NZ. It has been great!

so long phone (aka Lewis’ fone)

no more topping up at the corner dairy, no more trying to avoid calling or texting people because it is so expensive, no more “no service” zones every time you leave a city/township, no more T9, no more flip-phone action, no more 2 degrees, no more carrying a brick around… but I don’t think I’m ready to return to advanced technology and a world where too many people are glued to their iphones.


Dunedin’s midwinter lantern parade. stilt walkers, dancers, children holding their lanterns, impressive giant snowflakes, unicorn, tree lanterns, music, fireworks, a celebration for the longest night of the year.

This event was supposed to take place the night I was on Quarantine Island the 23rd, but because of the crazy sudden wind and rain storm that swept in an hour before it was supposed to start they pushed it to Sunday Night. What a magical way to say goodbye to Dunedin. I like to think the fireworks were biding me farewell.

Quarantine Island.

last weekend in NZ. on an island in the middle of the Otago Harbour. 20 volunteers- 7 spent the night. boat ride from Port Chalmers. wild NZ spinach. potluck of homemade foods and lots of veggies. exploring the island. weaving flax flowers. winter solstice celebration in the chapel. sunshine. warmth. winter winds. rain. mulled wine. singing. candle light. lantern. sleeping by the fireplace on a DOC mattress. morning stars. sunrise. sheep. touching a sheep. photography. kiwi company.

 i will miss you Otago.

The unpredictable weather of Dunedin.

The unpredictable weather of Dunedin.


This post is dedicated to Anna, Jennifer, Abby, and Emily for much contemplation and discussion about how much Rob Roy makes our life so much better…

It finally happened, the consumption of a double cone at Rob Roys (aka the 4 scoop beast) for only $4.50. Peter and I didn’t want to feel disgusting for the rest of the day, so we shared one between us. It was heavenly we got Lemonatta Cheesecake and Caramel Cookie Swirl. It is too big to lick from a cone so they give you an empty candy box  lined with a plastic bag to eat it out of… not sure how sanitary that is, and it got a bit messy as the ice cream got stuck in the creases of the plastic bag… but delicious nonetheless!

Tonight is my last in my flat (aka the fish bowl). It is quite sad, my walls are bare and my suitcases are getting fatter and fatter each minute… 

I feel like my final days in Dunedin involve eating at all the places I’ve yet to go on my “places to eat” list.

Today I got a cheese roll from the “World’s Best Cheese Roll” shop on George St called Little Hut. Quite yummy, it is just a piece of toasted buttered white bread with cheese and garlic, very nutritious of course!

I then finally got fush-n-chups at the Squidy’s… aka Ryan’s go to restaurant lol That was also really really good and probably the best I’ve had on the South Island as far has fish and chip take aways go. I will miss all of the local take-away (take out) shops run by chinese that have anything and everything deep fried and very cheap ($3-$8) fish and chips.


I’m officially DONE with finals… YES! However, now i cannot postpone packing… and so it has begun the deconstruction of my room, which has taken me so long to decorate.